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We purchased a large building on the teal-colored Four Mile Lagoon just north of Corozal Town in northern Belize. Since the concrete was solid, our resulting dream home was larger than originally planned. We hauled lumber, installed tile, did plumbing and electrical wiring, built pantry cabinets and an entertainment center, and disposed of a lot of trash.

ImageWe gained blisters and lost weight. Though we have a great deal of building experience, things are different here and we found ourselves learning a lot about how to get things done and avoid traps in Belize. We love our results and would do it all again ... though a little differently.


Our Finished Product!

Image After many months of hard work, we moved into our home in 2001. Here are images of the outside and inside. Now, several years later, we have just completed a massive redecorating process. Compare the picture on the right with what you will be seeing in the next two pages.