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Friday, 04 March 2005

By Ann-Marie Williams - News Editor - The Reporter Newspaper

What started out as a dream house for a retired couple is shaping up to be a nightmare, one block at a time.

Seth and Laurine Woods, who are back home after spending years in the United States, are today staying with some very kind friends.

These friends laid out the red carpet under the condition that the Woods’ new home, near mile five on the Northern Highway would have been completed by January 31.

A month later and $330,000 spent out of a $340,000 contract, Seth told Reporter is no laughing matter.

“The contractor, Mr. Selvin Jones, conned me. I paid him all this money, only $10,000 he has left. My house is half way. I cannot trust him, because he couldn’t show me the right doors for my house, the septic tank is incomplete, the staircase is not done and every day he’s saying, I’ll get it done, I’ll get it done.”

When Reporter went to see the house, it was indeed a beautiful shell. Much of the work cited to have been completed, that Jones collected for based on the cheque receipts and the work plan were left undone.

For her part, Laurine expressed her disappointment; “I was looking forward to move into my dream home at the end of January, 2005.” Seth said he should have heeded the warning signs when Jones started constructing the house without an approval of the blue print from the Belize City Council.” Seth added he only knew when a man from the council came to stop the work on site.

Seth and Laurine Woods have since retained the services of attorney Ellis Arnold to fight their case in court.

Jones visited the Reporter Press to say that he did not walk off the site, instead Woods closed down the site but not before he carted off all the material and locked up all of Jones’ personal tools. Jones admits that he had no choice but to call in his workers when Seth started to threaten them.


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