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Do Not move to Belize If:

...You want to change Belize to resemble where you moved from.  If you want to help improve Belize...fine...Belize needs the help and experience you bring but Belize doesn't want to become something it isn't.  Come to Belize to assist NOT enable.  Remember..."a hand up, not a handout".

...You are deathly afraid of snakes, bugs, cirtters or any and all manner of creepy crawlies...Belize has them all.  No one can build a bug proof house and there are not enough pesticides in the world to eliminate all the bugs from your property.  Mother Nature Rules.  She did give us geckos...Smile !!

...You have to have it your must be flexible or learn to be flexible (the infamous Plan B comes into play time and time again) and you need to be able to do for yourself.  If you are stuck on certain brands of items you may be extremely frustrated much of the time.  If you are one who calls the plumber when the chain in the toilet tank breaks (I am assuming that you have actually looked in the toilet tank) you may again be could be days, if ever, before the plumber who so very politely told you "right now"  shows up.  Smile !!

...You hate heat, humidity, intense thunder and lightning storms, rough roads and potential hurricanes...we have them all.

...You think everyone shoud speak English (whether it be American English or The Queen's English, and yes, there is a big diference) will hear something that most likely resembles the English you are accustomed to..but you will also hear Spanish and Creole or possibly some combination of all three.  Learn to listen, really listen.

...You are looking to make a quick investment (this part isn't difficult) with a quick big return (this is the difficult part) with all things in Belize, it takes time.

...You want to be a pirate.  We know of folks who move here and then "assume" (wrongly !) that they are smarter than Belizeans.  Oh, you may have more education and degrees but never underestimate the intelligence of the Belizean people.  And don't worry your little head...they will let you think you are smarter than they for awhile (it's a game to be played) and then they nail you with_______________(fill in the blank....a request to re-submit all your paperwork because it has gone missing, a monetary fine, a request to leave the country, or a trip to Hattieville which is a Third World Prison!) Remember, illegal drugs are illegal drugs here too.  Contraband goods and the vehicle transporting them can be confiscated.  Arrest, prosecution and fines can follow.  It doesn't matter where you come from, laws are laws so PLEASE abide by just makes life easier.


...You are ready to slow down and enjoy life...stop and smell the orchids.  Enjoy the most amazing star clustered skies, the biggest and brightest full moons rising out of the Caribbean Sea, feel the warm evening breezes in your face as you drift off to sleep.  The beauty of Belize is incredible.

...You are ready to give of your time and talent to benefit the people of Belize.  Money is NOT a big requirement here...have an extra hour? an extra day? during the week.  There are many ways to volunteer and participate in your new just have to look and ask...Schools, the hospitals, Red Cross, Rotary, Churches, HelpAge, Mercy'll discover new friends, maybe even new talents...and be rewarded with lots of smiles from those you help.

...You realize and accept this is NOT where you came from, you are a GUEST in Belize (at least until you get citizenship) so be respectful of the culture and people.  Smile and extend a good attitude...oh yes, this can be very challenging at times...but it is always the best way to behave.

..You already do or can learn to say "please"(por favor), "thank you" ( gracias), "yes/no, ma'am/sir" (si/no senora/senor) and "excuse me" (perdoneme) in English and in Spanish.  Politeness is appreciated by everyone worldwide.

...You are ready to make many new and diverse friends.  Extraordinary people make extremely interesting and valued friends.