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"To anyone contemplating building in Belize"

"Building a home in Belize is no problem.  Building a home in Belize using acceptable building standards for construction, proper materials by application, a skilled labor force to the building, in a cost effective manner is a problem.  You have to have a top notch, well versed General Contractor with a diversified background in all phases of construction.  ...The old axiom"Buyer beware" was never more true.  This is where CJ Consulting can make all the difference in the world to your building project.  Chuck has an extensive background in all types of construction.

...He has done many projects here in Belize and has learned the "ins and outs" of coordinating, purchasing, pricing and building here in Belize.  I have come to know that Chuck has extensive knowledge of his craft and integrity in his dealings with people.  I am very happy to recommend him and his company"


-- Tom McMaken, owner of Water Well Services

Kalispell, MT

16 July 2003



"...Just a quick note to say thank you so much for visiting us yesterday.  It was a long way to come for lunch! But we really do appreciate the help you have given us.  Yesterday you gave us the direction we needed, and we feel confident and even excited today about tackling the whole project the way you have suggested...We want you to know how grateful we are for putting us on the right track. ...We are actually now excited about this whole process as we feel we have control of it all and can see our way through it- quite the opposite to what we felt last week."

Hugo and Tershia, 2004





"Mr. Chuck Monschein...supervised eight building projects for the Anglican Church and School in Corozal, during the past four years.  Projects included extensive remodeling and completely new construction.  ...all projects were completed on schedule and within budget.  The work was performed to a high quality and Mr. Monschein personally devoted a great deal of time and trouble to supervising the work.  He is expert in all areas of building and construction work.  He also prepared detailed and informative project proposals and project reports of an extremely high standard....I have no hesitation in recommending him unreservedly as a construction consultant."

The Rt. Reverend Sylvestre Romero,  past Bishop of Belize, (Anglican) Church in the Province of the West Indies


..."They have lived in Corozal long enough to know what materials are available, how to use them and whom to have do the work.  They know the pace, customs and beliefs of the people in Belize.  This means they are respectful, personable and fair with the locals.  This meant a lot to us.  We came to Belize to make friends of locals and foreigners alike.  CJ Consulting did a great job."

Mae & Craig


"Mr. Monschein has completed an extension on our house for my husband and me.  The work has been most satisfactory and everything was completed on budget.  We would recommend him to anyone."

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. , Ranchito Village, Corozal District


I have just returned from Belize where I went to oversee the completion of our house built at Consejo Shores.  Many people advised us that it was not a good idea to be away during construction but we put our trust in Chuck and Judy and we now see it was the right decision to make.  It couldn't have turned out better!  From the ground breaking on March 18 to the finished results only 5 months later on August 30, we never had any doubts in our decision.  They sent us daily email of the progress, time schedules and expenses as well as many pictures to keep us updated.  Any questions we had were always answered quickly and they always consulted us with any concerns they had before moving ahead.

When I arrived in Belize I saw first hand the rapport that both Chuck and Judy have with the foreman, workers and business people of Belize.  They are very well accepted in the community and I heard from many people what a good choice we had made in using CJ Consulting's services and we could always trust in them.

Both my husband and I feel that Chuck and Judy went above and beyond any expectations that we could have asked for in organizing and supervising the constsruction from start to finish.  We would recommend CJ Consulting for any job big or small, they are a great couple both in business and personally.

To Chuck and Judy, a job well done, we thank you.

Cheryl Dilschneider and Roger Tulloch, Bermuda

September 8, 2005



When I bought the property on Mayan Seaside I had no idea how I am going to build my dream house.  That's when Art Higgins the developer of Mayan Seaside introduces me to CJ Consulting (Chuck and Judy Monschein).  I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with my dream that your company has turned to reality.  You took my initial drawings and managed the whole process for me, building the house in stages to accommodate my availability of funds and with Judy also helping me with tile and color selections.  You helped me to enjoy the project even while I was back in Canada, the daily pictures of the construction showing me the progress and appreciating the unique construction techniques used.  I was so comfortable with pictures showing progress and good workmanship that I felt I did not need to visit the site during the construction.  I felt like you took special care of me and were building the house as if it was your own, I think you try and make all your clients feel that way.  I am looking forward to spending cold Canadian winters in my home in Belize, thank you for everything.  I am very happy recommend Chuck and Judy monsschein to anyone who has planned to build a house in Belize.

Daya Elangange, Ottawa, Canada



To Whom it May Concern:

In November 2006, after having helped us find a house plan for our lot in Mayan Seaside, Consejo, Belize, Chuck Monschein (with help from his lovely and helpful wife Judy) began to build our house.  The house plan called for concrete and for 15' (ft) tall ceilings.  The house has many angles and we hand changed some of the original specs to suit our needs.

Not only is the house beautiful, it was a pleasure working with Chuck and Judy to build it.  They walked us through choices we had to make: faucets, color, tile, grout, lighting, and everything came out the way we wanted it and beautiful besides.  They adjusted as we went and punted when necessary.  The result is a place we will ive in full time as soon as we can afford to (which should be in about 5 years) and will visit as our haven away from the craziness that is San Pedro (where we have a business) in the meantime.

Chuck and Judy sent us updates and picturs almost daily so even though we only got over to see the house about once a month, we watched her go up.  After she was finished, they also came by to fine tune things.

We occupied the house in early July 2007.  On August 20th, Hurricane Dean showed up.  Rick and I rode him out in the house (with our cat Mollie) and are happy to say that aside from being blasted with broken bits of leaf, the house sustained no damage.  The same cannot be said for the trees and bushes (and little furry animals) around us but we figure it's unlikely nature will hit us with anything worse than a Cat 5 hurricane so we're very comfortable with the strength of our home.

We highly recommend the Monscheins to anyone building a house in Belize.

Carol Busby and Rick Davidson



Our beautiful house in Consejo Shores became a reality due to the expertise, creativity, experience and knowledge of Chuck and Judy.  They absolutely took care of every detail, we only provided our Lot #, a picture of the house plan we would like, and our choices of fixtures and finishing details.  Once the budget was approved by us, they brought from paper a beautiful, perfectly crafted house in exactly the timeline they provided.  We were informed of developments and given photographs of every step of the process.  Each detail we mentioned was addressed by them in a professional and friendly manner.  It was an amazing experience for us and an incredible amount of work on Chuck and Judy's part, as well as on the part of all the highly skilled workmen they have learned to rely on.  Thank you, very much, we look forward to enjoying many years in this fantastic place.

Glen & Lynda Herndier



Both my wife Vici and I knew we wanted Belize to be the next stage in our journey in life but we had apprehensions about buying property and building a home in a foreign country.  We were extremely fortunate to have met Chuck and Judy (CJ Consulting).  Our experience was extremely positive, not only did we receive sage advice about soil conditions, structure design, labor, materials and cost, we also learned much needed information about the community and country that we were moving to.  Also much to our delight, we were kept abreast of the exact budgeted costs associated with the building of our home and we received regular pictures and email information of the building process and progress.  Chuck and Judy are well versed in the mechanics and nuances of building in a foreign country which made the entire process, from ground clearing to the finished home a seamless and easy experience.  We would not hesitate in utilizing the services of CJ Consulting in the future should the need arise, and we would highly recommend CJ Consulting to anyone interested in building a quality and lasting custom home in Belize-you won't be disappointed.

Jeff & Vici Jackson



We also want to say a HUGE thank you to you both for your support in building our house and the financial management.

Chris and Sherri Sanders-Bailey



If you are looking to build a home in Corozal Distsrict, Belize, Central America, there is only one place to go and that is to CJ Consulting.  We interviewed four different builders from southern Belize to northern Belize with two of them being from the Corozal area.  We chose CJ Consulting and we are glad we did.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

If you are concerned about 'little' things like experience, honesty, building away from home, leaving or sending your hard earned money to someone you have only known for a little while, your worries are over.  With no building experice of our own, Chuck and Judy walked us through every step of the process.  Choosing paint colors, fixtures, tile, etc. was not the daunting task I expected it to be, but rather a delightful, educational adventure.  We were unfamiliar with cisterns and had no appreciation for the benefits of choosing a cement roof; they explained the pros and cons of both.  Coming from hurricane battered Florida, we are more than pleased with the quality and soundness of construction of our home especially as it withstood Hurricane Dean coming ashore only 40 miles to the north in Mexico this past August.

Chuck and Judy emailed us almost everyday, with pictures and detailed descriptions of progress on the project.  We saved these emails and now have a chronicle of the building of our home from start to finish.  There was more communication from CJ Consulting than from the builder who built our home in our hometown in Florida.  It also says a lot that we were comfortable enough to leave signed checks with them throughout the construction process.  And, in the end, the project came in under bid.

Friends and family here in the states find it remarkable that we would even consider making a permanent move outside the US, better yet building a home from such a long distance.  Our trust in Chuck and Judy, the quality of work they do and their integrity, gave us the confidence to move forward with our dream.  Chuck and Judy are simply the best!

So...if the 'little' things matter to you, your worries are over.  We are happy to recommend CJ Consulting ahd Chuck and Judy Monschein to you without reservations!

Jeff and Chris Collins, Sarasota, FL



It had been a dream of ours to build a home in Belize for several years.  After finding the right piece of property, the inevitable when to build and who to build our dream home became the important pressing questions.  After many trips and experiences in Belize, we'd heard all the stories of unrealistic expectations, shady practices and over budget projects many had fallen into.  Our goal was not to be another gringo casualty along the road to a dream home.

A friend introduced us to Chuck and Judy.  From the beginning, we felt like we got straight answers, and before long we had a plan, budget and a date to start construction.

Here we are several months later, and beyond thrilled with not only the final product, but how the entire process has been managed.  While we made changes to our original project, which is inevitable, these changes were all discussed and managed upfront.  When the final project total came in, we were right where the discussions and corrections to the numbers said we should be.  An important consideration, if budget and dollars matter to you.

But beyond that, Chuck and Judy helped us overcome some of the 3rd world limitations, resolved barriers, and kept the process moving.  No steps were missed in delivering a quality product, which in Belize, is no small feat.  Some in Belize seem to think that speed in building is some kind of virtue. CJ Consulting gave us a realistic timeline, and things went pretty much according to plan.  Certain things in the building process take time in concrete homes, and shortcuts have eventual paybacks.  The timeline to do things right is the only one that should be considered.

Even a major hurricane (Dean) posed only small setbacks.  The experience Chuck has at working within the Belizean system and getting things done on "Belize time" is not to be underestimated.  His subs know he has specific expectations that will be met.  He knows when to push and when to back off.  While others promise and make excuses, Chuck and Judy deliver.

Ours was a relatively small project as houses in our development go.  However, throughout the process, we always felt like the most important customer, and regular email updates and pictures kept us informed throughout the project.

Throughout the process, we feel like Chuck and Judy not only worked the project but shared in our dream.  There are plenty who want to build houses in Belize.  But in Chuck and Judy, we feel like we had a partner, who helped us make our dream home a reality.

We cannot thank them enough.

Tom and Terri Fisher, Atlanta GA

"future" residents



Our Central American Adventure started, with finding a perfect piece of land in Northern Belize.  We fell in love with the warmth of Belize, and her people.  being from Canada the thought of having a winter getaway with palm trees, swaying hammccks, and a nice house on the Caribbean, well it all seems a little surreal.  Sometimes we shake our head at the "moxie" of our oginal decision.  We didn't know anyone in Belize, we didn't know much about the culture, politics, dynamics of Belize, all we knew was we now owned a little piece of land we could safely "escape" the winter winds and eventually perhaps move to full-time.

What to do with our land? How should we develop our "dream"? As we met more people in  Belize, we would ask questions like, "Who are the good builders?"  "Who can you trust?"   e would ask questions.  Carefully listen to people talking, and the same name would come up over and over, Chuck and Judy Monschein...CJ Consulting.

We knew that Chuck and Judy had built two houses for the developer of our subdivision, so we asked for an introduction.  he was more than happy to refer us and introduce us to them.  Chuck took us around to projects he was working on and had completed.  Now, I have been in the Building Trades for over 29 years, and was a Provincial Electrical Inspector for a I do know something.  Right away the quality of the homes, the pride of workmanship, and Chuck's construction knowledge, and project management skills became apparent.   We knew from our initial meeting that we were going to be in good hands, and that our house would be built to a standard every bit as good (if not better) than back in Canada.

Well there is more to building in the Tropics than we had taken into account.  Clearing land, house placement, and building design to take advantage of cooling breezes or to shade from the hot Belizean sun.  Chuck and Judy had many suggestions to make our initial idea better and more suited to the Belizean climate.  Looking back those suggestions have made our house so much better, move livable and suitable to the Belizean climate than we would have thought.  Chuck and Judy also looked after all the payments, payroll, building permits, and Belize government "red tape"...this can be a daunting and intimidating task for the uninitiated.  All was done to a high standard.

Chuck over the years has developed a quality team, with a great work ethic.  Along with Architect Meher Chulani, Engineer Phil, Foreman Chulin, and Electrician Anthony.  Chuck knows where to go to get things done.  Best of all he does get it done, and done right.

We are very happy with our building experice in Belize.  Chuck and Judy Monschein's complete project management, made the building of our home enjoyable, fun.  Even when we were back in Canada, we felt like we were totally involved.  Almost everyday Chuck and Judy would send a progress report complete with pictures via email.  If there was a question they would keep us in the loop.  When we had questions or concerns Chuck and Judy dealt with them right away, we alwyas felt like we were "right there".  There are some sad cases of building projects gone wrong in Belize, that's why we looked for the best builder and project manager to protect ourselves, and with Chuck and Judy Monsschein and CJ Consulting we feel that's exactly what we got.  We are happy to recommend Chuck and Judy Monschein to help devleop your Belizean dream.  We are very happy with and proud of our house in Belize.  Best of all, we are happy to call Chuck and Judy our friends.

Rick and Dawn Keating



Thinking of Building Your Own Home in Belize?

We came to Belize for, what was to be a one-time short visit, and almost immediately saw the opportunity of a lifetime.  Here was a beautiful country where we might live a simple and peaceful life.  We also saw the opportunity to build a home, which might reflect a little bit of who we are; hopefully fairly open and happy.  We began to entertain the possibility that we might actually design and build a home of our own here.  There were however, a few rather formidable obstacles in the way.  Mainly, "What did we truly know about building a home in Belize?" "Who could we contract to do what?" "How to get fair pricing?" "Who were the local skilled people?" " Who supplies what and how?" " What's the process?" "Is there a legal system and a bureaucracy to deal with?"  Or simply, "Who cares about what?" and "Who know about what?"

That's where Chuck and Judy Monschein came into our lives.  We were introduced to Chuck and Judy by a friend, and we are so thankful that this happened.  Chuck and Judy have done a lot for us.  Chuck guided us through the entire building process, the standards, the trades, the suppliers, the legalities and so on.  He knows the people.  He's read the books.  He was always there for us, even when it was necessary to get his fet dirty and come right out to the site to go over issues.  He has always been professional, and demonstrated a high level of personal ethics.  From the time he agreed to mentor us and hand hold us through our building adventure, he has continually guided us around potential pitfalls, anticipated our needs, helped us with our trades and suppliers and generally acted like a caring and thoughtful "older brother", though I believe I may have a few years on him.  And now, after less than a year, we actually do have a home, truly of our own.

We could not have built our home without Chuck and Judy.  We are very happy with the result.  Most of all though, we are happy that, after having worked through all the sensitive issues such as; money, scheduling, materials, workmanship, people, quality and approvals, it is a pleasure to be able to call Chuck and Judy our friends.  We offer this note in the hope that others can find such satisfaction.

Eric and Carol Livermore

April 2011